We help innovative companies, investors and entrepreneurs to establish successfully their businesses, secure their investments and accelerate their expansion and transformation


We aim at bringing to the market smarter payment and insurance services and solutions. Services and solutions that are faster, cheaper, and offer better convenience and security. Also services and solutions that create value and greater user experiences.


We help innovative companies, investors and bootstrap entrepreneurs to navigate the maze of the Fintech and Insurtech sectors in Europe, to establish successfully their businesses and investments and accelerate their expansion and transformation.

Who we are

We are a bunch of professionals who enjoy generating, refining and commercialising ideas. We are passionate about management, strategy, new business models and user experiences. We thrive in the intersection between technology, design and businesses organisation.

Our Services


Business setup and administration, sales office, sales organisation and talents acquisition.


Marketing, strategy, go-to-market, pitch preparation.


Incorporation, M&A, IP, regulation compliance, due diligence.


Finance, treasury, accounting, auditing, capital risk.

What we offer

We offer services in product design, marketing strategy, go-to-market, sales organisation, business setup, legal and finance planning with a focus in Fintech and Insurtech sectors, as well as an access to a network of key stakeholders of the industry.

We work with innovative companies willing to expand in key European markets as well as with Venture Capitalists to help them understand the key market trends and identify the young companies with strong potential and ambitions.

Our approach

Like a holistic doctor treats the whole person, our team of experienced specialists treat all aspects of a business, analyses, defines and takes measures to ensure that the right processes are in place to ensure that our business clients services and solutions accurately reflect market needs, meet local regulations and provide faster ROI. 

We examine business owner's goals, both personally and professionally and provide prescriptions, advise and monitor progresses.

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